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Library Policies

Robert C. Fisler School - Library Policies

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Our library is open to all Fisler students on Monday/Wednesday/Friday for regular book checkout. Books can be returned to the Library Book Drop, or to the front office when the library is closed. However, books may be checked out only during official library hours when the Technology, Library, and Media Assistant (TLMA) is on campus. The library is closed at all other times. 

Library hours for both the library and technology support are posted on the window by the entry door, on the library welcome sign, and on the school website. 

Book Checkout:

Books are checked out in one-week increments for Grades 1 through 5 and two week increments for Grades 6 through 8.

Grades 1 through 2*: Each student is allowed to check out one (1) book. *Grade 2: If a student proves to be responsible, the teacher may request “trusted” status for that student, and two (2) books may be checked out.

Grades 2* through 5: Each student is allowed to check out two (2) books. *Grade 2 with teacher approval.

Grades 6 through 8: Each student is allowed to check out one (1) book. Exceptions can be made at the TLMA’s discretion or at a teacher’s specific request. If a middle school student proves to be responsible, the student may be given “trusted” status and two (2) books may be checked out.

Middle School students may check out a book during any open library hours.


A book must be brought to the library to be renewed, and may be renewed two (2) times (3 weeks of reading time). Additional renewals for longer books are allowed at the TLMA’s discretion.

Overdue Books:

Students should make every attempt to return books on time! Our library collection is small and stil growing and evolving. An overdue book may mean that another student cannot check out his desired book.

Books are considered overdue one (1) week after checkout for Grades 1 through 4 and two (2) weeks after checkout for Grades 5 through 8. For example: A book checked out on Tuesday is considered overdue one/two week(s) later on Tuesday. Overdue notices are sent to teachers weekly and to parents at the two-week overdue mark.

Lost and Damaged Books, Fees and Library Privileges:

Using the Fisler Library is a privilege. Students who do not return books on time run the risk of losing library privileges.

All Students, Grades K through 8: A student with any book overdue may not check out another book until the overdue book is returned or is declared lost and the replacement fee paid in full. A student may renew an overdue book if he brings it to the library. 

Parents are asked to help locate “lost” books as quickly as possible to reinstate your child’s library privileges. At the third week, an overdue book is considered lost and a replacement fee invoice will be sent home to parents. We ask that replacement fees be paid upon receipt of an Overdue/Lost Book Notice, allowing your child to continue to check out a book for use during teacher-designated quiet reading periods. If a previously lost book is recovered and returned to the library in the original checkout condition, replacement cost fees will be refunded.

30 Days Overdue:  When a book is overdue by 30 days, the student should have received and taken home two or three Overdue/Lost Book Notices.  The student will have had ample opportunity to clear his account by locating and returning the book or by paying the replacement cost. Once a student reaches the “milestone” of having a book overdue for more than 30 days, the student will serve an after-school detention. 

Unpaid Lost Book Fees: Book replacement fees owed to Fisler School at the end of the school year will result in the loss of library privileges for the student during the following school year until the account is cleared. In addition, his yearbook or report card may be held until the account is cleared.

Damaged Books:  All library books should be treated with care.  The Media Assistant will assess any book returned to the library with damage. If the damage is due to normal wear-and-tear, fees will likely not be assessed. However, damage fees up to the replacement cost of the book may be charged for any negligent or deliberate damage. Fees must be paid in full before the student is allowed to check out another book.

I have read and understand the Robert C. Fisler Media Center/Library Policies.

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I understand that I am not allowed to check out a book until a signed Policies document is on file in the library.

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